Ecotourism Site Spotlight: Masinloc, Zambales - Masinloc in Zambales can be found 230 kilometers northwest of Metro Manila and 110 km from the Subic Bay Freeport. It is known to be the birthplace of coastal resource management in Luzon and the first community-run marine protected area.Residents of San Salvador Island used to conduct illegal fishing before they were converted to stewards […]
Where do the Seahorses roam? - The seahorse is a very fascinating marine fish, usually ranging in size from half an inch to 8 inches. A species from New Zealand waters can grow to as long as 14 inches while the pygmy seahorse hiding among seafans can only be observed with the aid of a magnifying lens. It swims in a […]
Are you a responsible traveller? - The latest trend in travel is bothersome.  The huge volumes of tourists that are going to places that may not be ready for hordes of people are creating serious impacts that may be far reaching than we think. Technology is making these places more vulnerable because they get advertised even before they plan for anything. […]
2nd Philippine Ecotourism 101 a huge success - The second Philippine Ecotourism 101 held March 3 & 4, 2016 at Pines View Hotel in Baguio City was attended by 91 delegates from 41 organizations. Participants were composed of representatives from local government units, provincial government offices, tourism councils, DOT and the private sector. There were delegates coming from all over the country and […]
​Ecotourism Site Spotlight: Sagay, Negros Occidental - Sagay City, located in Negros Occidental, is blessed with one of the largest marine protected areas in the country – 32-000 hectares in total. The Sagay Marine Reserve or SMR was initiated by then Mayor Alfredo Maranon in the 1970s and has become a perfect example of marine diversity. It was opened to the public […]
Supercharge your next holiday - Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to plan  for a fabulous holiday to some far-flung destination.  You owe it to yourself to make it a memorable one, at most,  a life-changing one.  Here are some tips on how you can enhance your vacation: 1. Do something different. Make a list of […]
Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation - Our country’s biodiversity is a unique natural capital for tourism. Many of our ecotourism sites have rare or uncommon plants and animals which form part of the attractions that draw visitors to our islands. Some of these are globally threatened while other species are so rare and can be found only within the Philippine archipelago. […]
Livelihood from the Living Sea - In 1974, a marine reserve was established in one of the tiny islands of our country. One side of the island was declared as the core sanctuary or a “no take zone” and the remaining areas became the buffer zone where sustenance fishing was allowed. In ten years there were significant improvement of the non-fished […]
The hiking trails of Lubang - The Verde Island Passage, also called  VIP, is located between Batangas and Mindoro.  Dubbed as the center of marine shorefish biodiversity in the world,  it is not only rich in marine resources.  It has also been blessed with an island group that is endowed with outstanding natural assets.  The Lubang Island Group or LIG is […]
Ecotourism Site Spotlight: Dahican beach - Dahican beach located in Mati City, Davao Oriental is far from the usual. Every year, from January to June, several female Pawikans lay their eggs in Dahican. Amihan sa Dahican, a group of local young surfers and skim boarders who are passionate about the environment, has taken the liberty to be stewards in the area. […]
Five ways to be a better traveler in 2016 - Travel is an excellent way to learn and expand one’s world.  Travel trends such as lower airfare, cheaper accommodations and increased disposable income for younger people,   have all contributed to the increased tourist traffic of popular, as well as new destinations.  Travel has never been  this big before.  Experts predict that it will further […]
Why plan for tourism? - In many places in the world, tourism simply is an industry that sprouted from the need to derive economic benefit through the promotion of an attraction. In most cases, the growth was not based on any plan or clear direction. Tourism just happened to these communities. A few basic knowledge about tourism Unlike most economic […]
10 questions to ask before you open your door for tourists - Tourism is not a simple industry. It is rather complicated since it touches all other industries. Tourism development is not merely about promoting a place and pumping up demand. It is also about the establishment of a solid social infrastructure that can withstand the ravages of greed, exploitation and irresponsible acts of human beings. Here […]
Cracking the responsible tourism code - There is so much talk nowadays about responsible tourism. Several posts in the internet show ways by which people “trash” the places they visit. And trashing is not just about garbage. People also write graffiti, disrespect locals, defy rules and do whatever they want without the slightest thought about the consequences of their acts. We […]
Ecotourism Site Spotlght: Palaui Island - Palaui Island Protected Landscape and Seascape can be found 642 kilometers from Manila, at the northeastern-most part of Luzon. In 2012, CNN recognized it as the 25th among the top 100 beaches in the world and in the succeeding year, it ranked 10th among the top 100. It is considered a high-value destination in the […]