Ecotourism Site Spotlight: Dahican beach

PictureDahican beach located in Mati City, Davao Oriental is far from the usual. Every year, from January to June, several female Pawikans lay their eggs in Dahican.

Amihan sa Dahican, a group of local young surfers and skim boarders who are passionate about the environment, has taken the liberty to be stewards in the area. They protect the eggs by putting fences around them or by transferring them to the hatchery which they have established with the assistance of the Biodiversity Management Bureau.

The beach is also known to be a great surfing spot. Beginners can  get lessons and rent boards from Amihan sa Dahican. Some of the members of the group have also been trained to conduct snorkeling activities in nearby reefs. They can also take you to the nearby islands to see other beaches and natural attractions.

There have been regular sightings of dugong and whale sharks in the area. Dolphins have regularly passed through the eastern seaboard of Mindanao during summer, allowing visitors to go dolphin watching during early mornings.

Another site worth visiting in the area is the museum in Mati City that features what the province has to offer. The museum even has a humongous skeleton of a whale at their lobby.

To get more information about Palaui or if you would like to visit the island, please go to the website of Ecotourism Philippines.

Photos are by Patricia Mencias