Headcount: The need to improve the measure of the tourism industry to make it sustainable

Date: October 7, 2020, Wednesday

Time: 10:00 AM Philippine Standard Time

Speaker: Chen Reyes-Mencias, EnP, Tourism Planning Consultant, Bluewater Consultancy


Many destinations worldwide experienced “over-tourism” pre-COVID. This is the condition where there are more tourists than a place can manage effectively. Despite the use of satellite accounts at the national level, many local governments in the Philippines still gauge tourism based on the volume of tourist arrivals. Using mainly economic indicators give the local governments the illusion that the more tourists there are, the better. Sustainable development requires the use of the quadruple bottom line approach through the integration of environmental, social, economic and institutional goals. In our country’s quest to align the tourism industry along the sustainable path, there is need to improve how we measure success.

This webinar enlightened participants on the other indicators that should be considered when assessing the current status of local industries.

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