Life Stories: Community-based tourism success stories

Date: December 2, 2020, Wednesday

Time: 10:00 AM Philippine Standard Time

Speaker: Louie F Mencias, Tourism Planning Consultant, Bluewater Consultancy  

In October we conducted the webinar “The Link: What has Ecology got to do with Tourism?” where Louie F, Mencias discussed the ‘Buhay Program’ and the ecosystem-based products designed to achieve environmental, social and economic goals. The audience requested that we feature sites that have successfully implemented it. So, this was part 2. If you haven’t watched the Link, you can view it here.

Community-based tourism is one of the most appropriate approaches for tourism development in the country because it promotes inclusivity. It has also been proven to improve the well-being of many residents of protected areas and outstanding rural destinations. Best practices in community enterprises and local tourism development provide inspiration and guidelines for other sites aspiring to go into tourism development. This webinar featured real-life stories of fisherfolks, farmers, indigenous people and communities that have engaged in community-based tourism which provide convincing proof that it works.

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