“Towards creating ecotourism sites that will last for many generations”

Rural communities that live in protected areas or places with compelling natural attractions can venture into ecotourism enterprises to provide various services to visitors. Ecosystem-based enterprises can capitalize on the most outstanding natural assets in the area such as coral, riverine or estuarine ecosystem or forest with high biodiversity.

Does your LGU or organization have a limited budget for full-blown tourism master planning initiatives? You have the option to pilot one or two sites and create models for community-based sustainable tourism projects.

This is a comprehensive training that teaches and guides attendees on the process of creating those pilot sites. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and principles needed to develop an ecotourism site. Attendees also have an opportunity to do online consultations with tourism planning consultants.

Expand your knowledge of ecotourism, learn how you can establish a community-based sustainable tourism site in your locality, and discover how you can manage your natural attractions while contributing to the economic growth of your communities.

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  • Fundamental ecotourism concepts
  • Framework for identifying potential sites for tourism development
  • Heritage mapping
  • Ecotourism product development
  • Ecotourism enterprise development
  • Wealth generation for rural communities
  • Business model for community-based ecotourism 
  • Standards of service
  • Training needs
  • Ecotourism infrastructure
  • Ecotourism destination management
  • Competitive advantage of ecotourism sites
  • Case studies of local ecotourism sites


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