The Shift: The tourism industry’s transformation after COVID-19

The ShiftDate: September 16, 2020, Wednesday

Time: 10:00 AM Philippine Standard Time

Speaker: Chen Reyes-Mencias, EnP, Tourism Planning Consultant, Bluewater Consultancy

Several misconceptions about tourism development have led to the decline of destinations that should have been the benchmarks for the rest of the country. The pause created by the COVID-19 pandemic presents a golden opportunity for local governments and the private sector to reflect on these misconceptions, and to take a conscious shift in their understanding of the concept of sustainable tourism. Post-pandemic should usher in a new way of thinking and doing, in order for the country to align tourism development along the sustainable path.

In this webinar and live Q&A, Environmental Planner Chen Reyes-Mencias discussed:

• Why there is a need for a better measure of the industry and how this can be done
• Why the current paradigm is not promoting inclusive growth and poverty alleviation
• How the wrong understanding of the concept of tourism product can result to the destruction of natural and cultural assets
• Who is ultimately responsible for tourism development

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